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In the age of the dinosaurs a massive meteorite came hurling down to the earth the pieces of the giant rock fell off as soon as the meteorite came into the atmosphere reveling a giant spaceship In the shape of a gem.

It crashed into the earth destroying all life on the planet all except one small energy ball that fell out of the ship and crashed and shattered.

The pieces went everywhere along with the ship parts a boy came out of the rubble already beaten up scarred and injured parts of the ship fell on him injuring him further and knocked him out an emergency time mashene  object sent boy to another time. Meanwhile In a futuristic city known as west city several hover cars flew by and people were walking down

the street some with cotton candy on a stick others on hover board were going around minding there own business when a giant pod flew through the buildings breaking them in the process and crash landing in the middle of town.

The the ship door opened and the boy walked out went down two steps and fell to the ground siverly injured "" the boy said as his power level slowly faded.

Meanwhile at capsule corporation Trunks was helping Bulma fix a robot when Trunks felt a great energy depleting he looked at his mom and said mom "I'm going to go ....i will be back" then Trunks quickly flew off to avoid being yelled at by his mom.

When he got there he noticed Ryuji laying in the rubble severely injured "Ryuji!!" Trunks yelled flying over to him real quick and shaking him on the shoulder "Ryuji....." Trunks had a bad feeling when he noticed Ryuji's eyes were completely white "he c-cant be dead" Trunks thought to himself flying off to capsule corp. When he got there he kicked the door open and Bulma saw the two and came running.

"What happened to he alright" she asked Trunks put him on a surgery bed and looked at Bulma "I don't know mom I can barely sense his energy" Trunks replied looking concerned "go get some help Trunks i'll see what i can do" With that Trunks flew off and went to go find his friends.

When he got to a clearing were everyone was he saw a blue phone call box with the words police call box on the top of it and Goku Krillin and the whole z gang even Piccolo. Trunks looked at the guy in the brown jacket and said "who are you" the man looked at Trunks with a smile and said "I'm the doctor".

Trunks put a hand to the hilt of his sword ready to attack he was well aware that a smile didn't mean anything good unless it was Krillin smiling "what do you want from us" Trunks said looking a bit angry. "be calm i'm here to help" the Dr replied Trunks put his hand to his side and looked a bit surprised the others looked at the man then at Trunks equally surprised except piccolo.

"If you can help us Dr then follow us... Krillin escort the Dr i'll lead the way" Trunks then flew off and so did the rest of the z fighters "Hey! don't i have a say in this!" Krillin sulked and sighed then picked up the Dr and flew off. They got to capsule corp and Krillin set the Dr down and they looked at each other for a moment and went in they went down the hall and into a room.
And they found Ryuji on the hospital bed wincing and moving on the bed like he was having a bad nightmare Trunks and Goku ran to him and held his arms and legs down to keep him from hurting himself further.

Trunks put a sensu bean In Ryuji's mouth and made him swallow it but the only thing it healed was his scars and his broken right arm "it didn't work...darn it!" Trunks looked even more concerned now then he did before. The Dr went over and looked at Ryuji a bit concerned himself
the Dr and Ryuji knew each other well and helped each other like close friends the Dr put a stethoscope peace to Ryuji's chest then put his hand to Ryuji's forehead and attempted to take out his forehead gem.

Which made Ryuji scream like mad Trunks quickly held his arms down once again the Dr finally took out the gem and Ryuji went limp and his eyes turned a glassy white & his muscles disappeared.
"Ryuji!!" Trunks yelled fearing the worst the Dr himself was however pretty calm and Trunks was wondering why Trunks was getting frustrated and angry he was gritting his teeth and his fists were clenched.  

The Dr looked up at Trunks and asked "do you have another sensu bean" Trunks looked a little embarrassed he forgot that he has another sensu bean from his last battle he took it out of his pocket and gave it to the Dr.
The Dr put it in a little bowl crushed it and turned it into a powder and mixed it with one of Ryuji's potions he gave him then put the gem in it the bowl it started to glow blue then stopped. The Dr put the gem back on Ryuji's forehead Ryuji winced and twitched then dozed off soundly.

"He's better now he should be fully healed by tomorrow" the Dr said looking up at them in relief  the others sighed in relief as well Bulma came and  put a blanket on Ryuji and they all left except Trunks who stayed he took a chair and sat down near Ryuji and looked at the floor then sighed then at Ryuji and smiled remembering how close of friend

they were Trunks would risk his life for his friend Ryuji if need be., They weren't just friends they were cousins. Trunks got up and petted Ryuji on the head then walked to the door and looked back at him and smiled then walked away. A week passed and things were as they were before the crash.

Trunks came in the room assuming Ryuji was out training he was surprised to see him still lying on the bed thing neither the DR or Trunks knew that Ryuji would sleep this long. Ryuji winced and groaned a bit and woke up then looked at Trunks "were am I" Ryuji asked wondering how he appeared in a city.

"Your in  west city, your back home....Ryuji" Trunks replied Ryuji got up and looked at the Dr and grinned "carefull around here timeloard you are in saiyan territory you wont last long" Ryuji then walked off before anyone could say anything elese

After about 20 minutes Ryuji was sent flying back into the wall  near the room were he came out of, his forehead gem cracked about a cementer long. Ryuji could barely see  and he felt dizy

Ryuji  went at the monster and tried to attack it but missed every shot , the Dr used his sonic screwdriver and stopped the monster temporally Ryuji then quickly punched the monster in the face and sent it flying

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